Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy

Hybrid Electronics and

Characterization Lab

Prof. Kim Michelle Lewis:

 Associate Head and Associate Professor of Physics

Past Student Internships & Employment:  

Graduate Students:  Solar Parqs, Inc., Global Foundries, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis), and Cypress Semiconductor (Senior Technology Development Engineer)

 Undergraduate Students:  United Technologies Company, Sikorsky Aircraft, Hasbro (Game Design Engineering), Naval Air Systems Command (Department of Navy), Sandia National Lab, and CardioMag Imaging (Health Physics and Medical Devices)

Many Undergraduates students have continued graduate degrees at Harvard University (Applied Physics & Materials Science), University of California-Santa Barbara (Electrical Engineering), University of Wisconsin Madison (Medical Physics), Columbia University (Electrical Engineering), Rensselaer’s Accelerated BS/PhD Program, John Hopkins University (Biomedical Engineering)

 2 International Exchange Students from International Exchange Student from Universitat de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

Graduate Students:  

Qi Zhou (, PhD Physics Graduate Student, Expertise:  Electron Transport in Molecular Junctions; Techniques:  Scanning Tunneling Molecular Break Junctions and Electromigratoin, PhD Fall 2016

Teresa Esposito (, PhD Physics Graduate Student, Expertise:  Electron Transport in Molecular Junctions and Measurements in Inelastic Electron Tunneling Microscopy; Techniques:  Low Temperature Physics and Electron Transport in Nanoscale Systems, Expected Date of Graduate Spring 2018

Graduate Students:

Michael Giordano (, PhD Physics Graduate Student, Expertise:  Electron Transport in Thin Films and Molecular Junctions;  Techniques Atomic Force Microscopy, and Low Temperature Physics, MS 2016.

Poomirat Nawarat (, PhD Physics Graduate Student, Expertise: Nanofabrication of Nanojunctions; Techniques:  Electron Beam Lithography and Photolitography

Nanotechnology And Nanoscale Devices:  The Research Team

Undergraduate Students:

Rachel Maizel (, Major: Physics & Mathematics, Expertise: Electrophysiology of Biological Systems; Techniques:  Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging and Electrical Characterization of Biological Materials

EmilyLaurilliard (, Major:  Biomedical Engineering, Expertise: Fabrication of Conducting Polymers and Stem Cell Culture

Samuel Ellman ( Major: Chemistiry, and Rishabh Rastogi ( Major:  Biomedical Engineering, Expertise:  Fabrication of Gold Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Probes; Techniques:  Electrochemical Etching and Scanning Electron Microscopy 

**Winners of the Poster Presentation 1st Place in the Applied Category in Rensselaer's 6th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium Spring 2015 Check out their Video at YouTube

Past Students (Internships & Employment)